Our Mission

At FRANovations, our goal is to transform your franchise ownership dream into reality through connection, innovation, and empowerment.

Becoming a franchise owner is a big deal! You want to be sure you’re making the best choice before making a big investment that will impact your and your family’s financial future and stability. Lillian Cozart, Franchise Broker, is your partner and advocate from start to finish through the entire process of becoming a franchise owner.

Benefits of Working With a Franchise Broker

Franchise ownership is a path to independence. It is a solid and tested career change. It is an investment in yourself with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not alone and great support is readily available. The key is finding the right opportunity for your unique situation, interests, and experience. That’s how franchise brokers help…
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Free Insider’s Guide to Franchise Ownership

– What you need to know BEFORE purchasing a franchise
– Answers to common questions about franchising
– Funding options you need to be aware of BEFORE taking out a small business loan
– Advantages to working with a Franchise Broker
– Much more…
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Franchise ownership - how we help - Lillian Cozart
We are your team. We provide a free, no obligation service including consultations, franchise and market research, analysis, franchise selection assistance, and counsel from legal and financial experts.


Work with Lillian Cozart, Franchise Broker
We are highly trained franchise brokers and a team of industry experts. Our goal is to find the best franchise options for you, and to be a resource as you make this important choice for your future.


Franchise ownership - funding that fits your needs - Lillian Cozart
We maintain professional relationships with several funding sources, and will connect you with the right one(s) based on your unique situation and needs.